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Sam Axe is a complexly simple man. And, for the most part, that would seem oxymoronic; but it fits Sam. He’s trained to kill, but I honestly believe he wants peace, and can’t stand to see women or kids in trouble - be it mortal danger or being shafted on rent. Former Navy Seal, spy, and many other things that the government would deny - even if he has the medals to show for it. He’s been in places most of us would cringe at the thought of. Not only did he survive, he flourished.

I’ve learned not to judge the book by its cover. I flew down to meet him at some local cantina in Miami. I walked up, seeing a man with a beard that isn’t much more than overgrown stubble, a brightly-colored Hawaiian shirt, and more gold chains and rings than a rapper, sipping on a Mojito. Mentally, I’m thinking
really? This man is responsible for doing all the things I’ve heard? The only thing he could kill is a dozen hot wings and a twelve-pack. I was wrong.

I started talking to him; he spoke like the men I’ve been in the trenches with. I only wish I could share the stories that he told me - while not strictly classified, they shouldn't be repeated either. Let’s just say sometimes the good guys do bad things because they have to. And, honestly, in the words of Jack Nickelson, most of us “can’t handle the truth.” I feel that I owe him a lot more time and drinks than I’ve given him. But, sadly, I was on a deadline. I said I would be back, and really why not? Miami is a lovely city, and it gets pretty cold in NYC. So, to everyone who looks at a Vet and thinks they don’t look that special, instead of turning your nose up buy them a drink. Because you may owe them much more than that.

Hats off to you, Sam. I still owe you many a drink,

Jameson Rook

[Sam Axe] is from [Burn Notice (usa SHOW)], and is the property of [Matt Nix and USA]. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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